7 advantages of using loess soil sitz baths

101. It cures female-related diseases.

Loess Soil or ochre seats, up to a skin-deep basis, can raise the body temperature, and promote blood circulation, and dilation of the blood vessels. This leads to discharging of wastes, thus curing diseases that may have been caused by bad bacteria. It also prevents poor circulation, and gynecological diseases associated with the ovary and uterus, specifically in regards to relieving menstrual pain, low back pain, and postpartum pain.





112. It is effective against anal diseases like hemorrhoids.

Ochre/Loess-soil sitz baths are effective against hemorrhoids due to constipation and other causes, as well as other anal-related diseases. By allowing sweating deep in the anus, hemorrhoids and other anal-related conditions are improved. In relation to this benefit, not only is it beneficial for women, but also effective for men suffering from this disorder.





123. It leads to beautiful skin.

There is actually a close relationship between the female organs such as the ovaries and uterus, and women’s skin. Skin problems such as pimples or acne and hives (urticaria) will manifest on facial skin if the uterus and ovaries are not in good shape. Using the loess seat unit will promote circulation by facilitating the expansion of blood vessels, to promote uninterrupted supply of nutrients to the skin, and alleviating spots, freckles, rough skin, and skin aging.




164. Resolves lower abdominal obesity.

Obesity which troubles a lot of middle-aged women has its origins in fat and waste products that accumulate in the peritoneum. By activating the internal organ function to increase metabolism and blood circulation in the lower abdomen when one immerses in the loess soil sitz baths. It also improves other anal disorders such as diarrhea, constipation, and fecal stasis.





145. Effective in female infertility.

The causes of internal female organs such as Inflammation of the ovary and uterus among others, female hormones and other and abnormal secretions are alleviated by using these products (loess soil/ochre seats and sitz baths), and are especially effective for women who have been diagnosed as infertile. Through continual sweating by using the loess soil/ochre seat easily allowing metabolism and normal secretions of female hormones, it improves the health of the uterus. Slow metabolism, frigidity and infertility are all improved.





6. Eliminates sexual dissatisfaction after childbirth.

Since the vaginal muscle extends during childbirth, there are many women who suffer from sexual dissatisfaction after child birth. By continuously using the ochre/loess soil sitz baths, cells are activated and the contractions of the vagina are enhanced thus leading to a happy healthy woman. Continuously using this bath is also highly effective for women who want to recover their pre-pregnancy body figures and early recovery of the wound after childbirth.




137. Effective in taking away flab.

The lack of physical exercise means that the ability of the body to excrete waste (kidney) is reduced, and with the stress implicated by this condition, the liver function also deteriorates. Loess-soil sitz baths, when received, slowly enhances metabolic functions, and when the Chinese medicinal herbs are used kidney or liver function deterioration is prevented. With enhanced metabolic function, the difficult-to-attain lean figure could now be easily achieved.




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