How to Buy and Register


Here we will simply explain the procedure for purchasing or shopping.

In case of any enquiries, please directly send us an e-mail of your query and indicate the product and the number of items. Please be assured that we will help you.

Firstly, click on the “Product”  page to buy the desired item of your choice, and click on “Add to cart”.






Then, on the upper right portion of the page, the following options will be displayed :”Number of Items” and “Total Amount of Items in the Cart”.





As displayed in the image above, by clicking on the tab enclosed in the red square on the upper portion of the page, the items in the shopping cart and its total amount will be confirmed.







Once confirmed, Please click on the “proceed to payment” button.

Customers who have an account can log-in and proceed smoothly with the purchasing.

customers who do not have an account can proceed with the purchase as shown below.






After having entered all the requirements from start to finish, the buyer who wishes to create an account should click on the “Shall we create an account?” check and enter the username (in Roman alphabet) and password.

Please read well the Cautionary Notes below the total bill of the order before clicking on “Confirm the Order”.

Finally, the message “Thank you for your order” will appear on your monitor should the purchase be finished without any issues.

In case of any unclear points, please feel free to email us your enquiries at

Skype: fujii_toichi