Loess soil sitz baths How-To-Use








1. At first, put the electric heater inside the loess sitz bath seat, and ensure to put the temperature control dial right in front of the opening.










2. Place hot water (70 degrees or more) into the pot, with the water level up to 2/3 of the pot.










3. Choose the bag corresponding to the desired applicable medication, and place all of the contents into the pot that has been filled with hot water.










4. Turn the direction of the heater’s temperature control dial in the 12 o’clock direction.










5. Place the pot on top of the electric heater, and wait until its contents boil.


If you would like to concentrate the flame to be narrower and more focused, turn the dial in the 1 o’clock direction.

If you would like to spread the flames, turn the dial in the 1 o’clock direction.






6. Place a cushion on top of the hip bath unit.











7.  Sit on the cushion while wearing lose-fitting clothing like a gown, or a kimono, or a Korean hambok.


The sitz bath may be used for 30-40 minutes.

In case it becomes hot, the posture may be adjusted, but also ensure that the gown is adjusted accordingly.









8. Once finished, use a steam towel to wipe off your face and entire body so that it will be soaked in the medicine.










After usage, please turn off the power.

If you are suffering from hypertension, low-blood pressure, pregnant, or menstruating, please consult a doctor first before using it.

Please discard the medicine in the pot after use.
Rinse the pot with water only, and do not use any detergents.




Gown Use Cases:


1. Wearing the gown up to the face.                          

*It has the effect of improving rhinitis, and increases the elasticity of the skin.










 2. Wearing the gown on the shoulder

*It has the effect of improving the state of the upper body.






How to sit on the hip bath seat:


1. Sit on the rear portion of the hip bath.                        

The steam containing the medicinal ingredient will warm the lower portion of the abdomen and the chest.





2. Sit on the front portion of the hip bath: 

The steam containing the medicinal ingredient will warm the back, shoulder, and neck.










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