Hwanglin Ocher Mugwort Sauna Set (New version)


<Set Contents>

1. Hwangjin ocher sitz bath unit
2. Ocher pot
3. Dedicated electric burner
4. Connector
5. Cushion for Ocher Sitz Bath
6. Cloak for Ocher Sitz Bath
7. Three types of sitz bath solutions (For Women, For Dieting, For Skin Care, For a total of 21 items)
 (For Women, For Dieting, For Skin Care, For a total of 21 items)

8 reviews for Hwanglin Ocher Mugwort Sauna Set (New version)

  1. I have used a similar mugwort set before. When buying for a replacement, there wasn’t any site that offered a cheaper bargain than Rakuten, and I searched on for other places, and arrived at this wholesale site. I saw the price and soon after I communicated with them, and after making the purchase, the product arrived 3 days after. I was pleased with their quick response.

    I didn’t have any questions because their site also showed details on how to use the product, and I think the descriptions are more than adequate to allow anyone to use the product safely.

  2. I made a purchase from this site during a limited offer campaign with a 15,000 yen coupon and used it to avail a 3-point medicinal set. I have continuously used the Mugwort-set for 7 years already, and for the times that I have tried to used it, I think the Huangjin product is the best. The other day, I carelessly damaged my hip bath, and I had to buy a replacement. Since there have been reviews from other users, I was able to make decision quickly

    I was troubled with skin problems and low back pain, 7 years ago. But now, I could say that I am in good condition.

  3. I didn’t think that I could enjoy steamed mugwort again in Japan.


  4. I placed my order and after 4 days, it arrived. At home, when I’m done with my housework or during some idle time, I have been enjoying the steamed mugwort.
    I have not used this for the past three or so months, but I feel that my skin luster has improved. Well I think it has improved by around 2 or 3 times.
    I think circulation has improved, as well as my metabolism, so I really like steamed mugwort.
    For those suffering from back pains and circulation problems, this sitz bath is really worth taking a looking at.

  5. Previously I have purchased Steamed mugwort at a very cheap price here, and i recommended it to a friend and of course, the response was favorable, and I ended up purchasing 2 sets. The order mail was easy to understand, and I was able to shop with a peace of mind (When I made the order, everything was also in Japanese).
    Also, having read that there’s some medicine from nearby countries that come along with it, I’d like to use it again some other time.

  6. I am a woman in her 30’s who’s running a salon.
    From using aroma previously, we have decided to introduce steamed mugwort, without taking up space and also, with a decrease in expense.

    We bought a set with 2 pots, and was pleased with its versatility.

    Before i made the purchase, I had a lot of queries, to all of which they responded. I appreciate the kind correspondence. Thank you!

  7. There is no difference in the price with other sites, but with their promotional offer of an inclusion of 30,000JPY worth of Korean medicine, I decided to purchase.

    Even though that was a holiday, they responded to my mail quickly and politely. I was considering of even consulting about salon management, and I was very pleased.

    Hoping for a favorable relationship, once again the opportunity comes. About the steamed mugwort steamed bath, it has been reviewed by a lot of other users, so this time, here, I submit mine.

  8. I started using steamed mugwort in my 20’s and I have been using it for 5 years by now.

    For my health,I have undergone infertility treatment, and instead of going to the store, I was able to purchase it more cheaply online. I was able to make the deal through a winter bonus.

    Now, i have been using this everyday, and I feel that the state of my body has been improving. The free gift included was also very helpful.

    It was a good purchase. Thanks a lot!

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