For those who are considering managing a salon


* For those who would like to start their own Steamed Mugwort Salon on their own

* Aesthetic Salon proprietors who would like to introduce Steamed Mugwort.

* For those who are about to entire retirement and would like to have a new job.


If you fall into one of these categories, please, by all means, read the following article!





How can a steamed mugwort salon be easily started?




Steamed Mugwort salon can be easily started with a low budget.

Initial Cost: Steamed Mugwort Set 1,470USD


There are more instances of at least 2 people dropping by a salon to receive a steamed mugwort treatment, than people who drop by alone.

There are many proprietors who have bought more than 2 sets at once, but a salon can be run even with just 1 set .



When you charge 3,000JPY for 1 session, consider the case where for 5 days in a week, 2 customers come for steamed mugwort treatment:

30 USD x 5 days x 4 people x 4 weeks = 2,400USD monthly income

could be easily achieved and a projection is possible.



At this rate, in 6 months time:

2,400USD * 6 = 14,400USD (6 months)


your initial cost of 1,470USD has been sufficiently recovered.


After that, the benefits can be simply achieved. This seems to be a very good job for anyone.





If you buy from here, would there be any privileges?




Of course!


The offered price is at 1,470USD presently, but for those interested in starting a salon on their own, a special price can be availed.
Customers who have purchased their steamed mugwort sitz bath sets from this site can enjoy privileges through representative agencies. The seat unit and the medicine can be purchased at cheaper prices. Medications that have not been offered on the HP are also available.

Also, since this product has been introduced from the HP, “helping attract customers”, the counter displayed on the lower right reveals information on how many viewers have checked out the site on a daily basis.




But, I don’t know a lot of things with what it takes to start a salon…


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So as to ease out those worries that you might be thinking about, we have prepared some of these possible questions which you may be asking in your head, and answered them for you:


Q: When someone suffers from hypertension, should we still continue using the sit bath?


A: No, it is not possible to use this during attacks of hypertension.

When one’s blood pressure stabilizes, however, it is possible to enjoy the sitz bath. However, please do not wear your gown or cloak over your head.
*Lengthen the time of the foot bath.



Q: Some users of the sitz bath feel ill or faint after receiving the treatment. What can I possibly do without panicking?


A:  Please ask them to lie down, and wipe the sweat with a bath towel and change their clothes.

Please give them candy or any snack with high sugar content should their blood glucose levels rapidly fall, provided that there is no nausea.
Recovery is possible in 5-10 minutes.
You will start to sweat within 5 minutes after starting steamed mugwort treatment. As you may sweat a lot, also be careful.
Please make this cautionary information available to customers in a salon.


Q: For people suffering from infertility, what dosage is recommended?


A: For those regularly receive steamed mugwort treatment, you would think that your infertility problems have ended. Once menstruation has been finished completely, it would be a good idea to receive the treatment once a day until the day of ovulation. For those who do not have the time, receiving the treatment 3 times before ovulation also is effective.



Q: For people who are on a diet, what should be the frequency of usage?


A: Using steamed mugwort for this purpose for about a month’s time would lead to 1 kg – 1.5 kg weight loss at a rate of 2-3 times a week.
A rate of once a week for 2 months would be suggested for people afflicted with hypertension, hyperlipidemia, and fatty liver.
Weight will be reduced further with continuous usage for at least 3 months.
It will be difficult to regain the lost weight thereafter.


Q: Is there any expiration date for the medicinal herbs?


A: At room temperature, the medicine can be used up to 1 year, but in cold storage, it can last up to 2-3 years. However, it is suggested to use up the medicine in 1 year’s time.
If you are encountering any trouble in starting up a salon, please by all means, consult with us.
As we have communicated with various salons express their interest in steamed mugwort, we think we can offer some useful advice.
For people who would like to become a dealer or distributor, or those who are simply interested, please send us directly an e-mail at
The popularity of steamed mugwort is still small, and we would like to spread the word about it. Please feel free to communicate with us.